Nursing careers in Wales


Nursing Careers in Wales (PDF, 1.7mb)

As a nurse in Wales, you’ll get chance to continue the traditions of the NHS in the country of its birth, and influence the future of nursing.

Uphold the past & shape the future

When Aneurin Bevan founded the NHS in 1948, he did so on the principles of equality of access and the service being based on need, not on the ability to pay. By developing your nursing career in Wales, you’ll be able to continue these traditions and help shape the future of the profession.

Benefit from better staffing levels

Wales is the first nation in Europe to bring in legislation that protects nursing staffing levels – ensuring that nurses will have the time to care sensitively for patients. This means working in Wales provides you with the opportunity to be part of a breakthrough system which values the professional judgment of nurses and empowers you to make the decisions needed to deliver high quality care.

One career, many paths

A nursing career in Wales is full of possibilities. Nurses can progress to clinical nurse specialist roles, advanced nurse practitioner roles and consultant nurse roles. You can also follow leadership pathways, from ward and team leadership roles to senior nurse positions.

Flexible working to suit your family

By working in Wales, you can take advantage of a range of innovative working arrangements designed to help you fit your work around your family life. These include flexible working hours, childcare voucher schemes, work-life balance initiatives and on-site crèche facilities.

Get recognised for great work

All health boards in Wales run staff achievement awards to acknowledge nurses who make exceptional contributions to the running and improvement of services. The annual Chief Nursing Officer Conference, the NHS Wales Awards and the Royal College of Nursing Wales Nurse of the Year Awards all offer opportunities for you to get recognised for your dedication and innovation.