Public Health Wales NHS Trust

Public Health Wales NHS Trust  

Training in Microbiology is administered through the Microbiology Department at the University Hospital of Wales Cardiff. This is a vibrant department with friendly staff and a spirit of co-operation that runs throughout the department. Training in microbiology in Cardiff provides a wealth of opportunities. The microbiology department houses the Specialised antimicrobial chemotherapy unit, the regional (All Wales) virology unit and the anaerobic reference laboratory. 

Library Facilities

University Hospital of Wales has an extensive Library on site. In addition Public Health Wales has an extensive electronic library. Access to this information and to other articles / books not within the library is supported by designated staff (Knowledge service managers) who can obtain any information required on request.

IT Facilities

SPR's in microbiology have excellent access to IT equipment including access to individual computers at work and shared laptops for use in and out of work. 

Other Facilities

University Hospital of Wales has an on site sports and social club. Access requires a small monthly contribution. 

Doctors Mess

University Hospital of Wales has a vibrant Doctors Mess that trainees in Microbiology can join. 

Local Amenities

Cardiff itself is a thriving cosmopolitan city, with excellent sporting facilities, a famous cultural heritage and a lively social scene, supported by the Millennium Stadium, Heritage Museum and Cardiff Bay developments. Major motorway links also provide for easy access to all of the UK. An on-site creche is available (charge payable). 

Transport Links

University Hospital of Wales can be accessed by train and bus services. Bus services to the city centre run every 10 minutes during peak periods. 

Parking Arrangements

Parking is run by Vinci Car Park limited. Permits are issued according to need. 

Additional Information

University Hospital of Wales is split over 2 sites - UHW, Heath Park and UHW Llandough. Public Health Wales has a network of laboratories throughought the whole of Wales. Trainees in Microbiology in Cardiff have the opportunity to work in different sites across Wales to broaden their experience. 


It may be possible to arrange short term temporary accommodation on site. 

The department provides advice to all major specialties within the hospital - including Renal medicine, Intensive Care, Cardiac Intensive Care, Neurology, Neurosurgery, SCBU, Orthopaedics, ENT, Opthalmology, Vascular Surgery, Haematology, Oncology, Paediatric oncology, General Medicine and General Surgery - and so training in microbiology in Cardiff provides a wide breadth of experience. In addition the hospital has an Infectious disease department and as well as offering opportunities in Joint training in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases there are also opportunities for microbiology trainees to gain experience in Infectious Diseases as part of their training. There are also opportunities to gain experience in wound healing and wound microbiology with the wound healing unit in UHW which has an international reputation. Training in Microbiology in Wales is based principally in Cardiff but there are opportunities to broaden the experience further through travel to other hospitals across Wales. Opportunities include the toxoplasma reference laboratory in Swansea, the Burns Unit in Morriston Hospital Swansea (International reputation), the Haemophilus influenzae reference laboratory, Bangor and the cryptosporidium reference laboratory Swansea.