Read stories from people who have chosen to train, work and live as Psychiatrists in Wales below:

Dr Neda Mehrpooya

Dr Neda Mehrpooya (41), is a trainee psychiatrist in South Wales. Now in the final stages of her studies, Neda praises the quality of training she has received in Wales and the flexibility of the programme offered to her. (PDF, 1.6MB) Read her story 

Dr Jennifer Rankin

Originally from Bath, trainee psychiatrist Jennifer Rankin (34) relocated from London to Wales to finish her studies and raise a family. The move has provided her with a better work life balance and opportunities to shape the future of psychiatry training.Read her story (PDF, 5.6MB)

Dr Huw Dunstall

Now a fully qualified member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Huw Dunstall, undertook a five-year medical degree at Cardiff University. He then completed his foundation and psychiatry training in South Wales. He loves making a difference to the lives of his patients and is always spoilt for choice on how to spend his spare time.Read his story (PDF, 891KB)

Dr Anand Ganesan

Dr Anand Ganesan is a consultant psychiatrist working within adult mental health in South West Wales. Since moving to Wales, he has discovered a rewarding career with the flexibility to expand his knowledge and use his medical expertise to add value to the workforce, winning a prestigious Wales Deanery Award and Royal College of Psychiatrists Award.Read his story (PDF, 1.6MB)