Nurses Stories

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Marcial & Maria Arevalo

Marcial Arevalo (44) and his wife Maria (46),are both nurses at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in South Wales.They relocated from the Philippines over 15 years ago to pursue a nursing career and a better life for their young family. 

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Melanie Davies

Melanie is a Ward Sister in a hospital in Swansea. Having worked as a nurse for 20 years, Melanie can speak volumes for the advantages of training, working and living in Wales.

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Laura Wyatt

Laura is a Bereavement Midwife in Cardiff who returned to Wales with plans to train as a paediatric nurse.

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Jennie Palmer

Jennie is a Senior Nurse in the Emergency and Acute Medicine department in Cardiff, South Wales. Relocating to Wales has enabled Jennie to pursue her dream career and benefit from the strong sense of community spirit.Jennie’s made the most of the opportunities to develop her expertise whilst balancing her family life and now calls Wales her home. 

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Majallel Lorin

Majallel is a newly qualified Community Nurse in Ebbw Vale, SouthWales. She first came to Wales from the Philippines in November 2016 to establish her nursing career. She hopes that her husband and daughter will soon join her here too.

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Emma McGowan

Emma decided she wanted to be a nurse after her father died of cancer. She qualified in 2007 and has progressed her career without compromising on the things that drew ther to nursing in the first place. 

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Arniel Hernando

Arniel qualified as a nurse in the Philippines in 1991. He arrived in Wales nine years later after being recruited by NHS Wales. Since then he's successfully developed his career and fallen in love with the Welsh way of life. 

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Charlotte Pritchard

Charlotte started working for the NHS twleve years ago and qualified as a registered nurse in 2015. She feels truly fulfilled in her role, is excited about developing her career further and couldn't be happier with the work-life balance that Wales provides. 

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Sian Thomas

Sian is a Consultant Nurse for Child Health at the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, in South Wales. Nursing in Wales over the past 31 years has allowed her to develop tailor-made initiatives that meet the needs of her patients. Work that resulted in her winning the Royal College of Nursing ‘Nurse of the Year’ Award in 2016. 

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Olwen Morgan

Olwen's nursing career started in Carmarthen, West Wales, in 1987. Since then she’s worked across Wales and explored and developed skills in contrasting specialties. Olwen’s journey has given her a huge sense of fulfilment – and it’s one that continues to delight today. 

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