Health Boards and Trusts

Nurses form the largest group of staff in the NHS and are a crucial part of the healthcare team.

Nurses work in a variety of situations from accident and emergency to working in patients' homes, with people of all ages and backgrounds.

There are four specialisms or branches of Nursing:

  • Adult 
  • Children 
  • Mental Health and
  • Learning Disabilities.

The NHS in Wales offers a wide range of services and diverse roles. This means you can explore and develop your potential and discover the best fit for your skills. 

Community or acute?

More of our nurses than ever are now working in community settings such as a GP practice, clinics, and schools and community hospitals. As more care is moved out of hospitals into the community, this will only increase.

Opportunities will continue to exist in acute hospital settings. Outpatient services, accident and emergency, operating theatres, neonatal care or neurology will always need highly trained and specialist nurses.

Continuous professional development

With an ambition to deliver the highest quality healthcare services to our patients, we realise this relies on the combined effort of all our individual nurses.

That’s why we value and support continuous professional development, and have an impressive range of learning and development opportunities to best tailor to your needs.